pp电子_Facebook has begun using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify members who may be at risk of killing themselves.社交网络脸书已开始利用人工智能识别有可能有自杀身亡风险的用户。The social network has developed algorithms that spot warning signs in users posts and the comments their friends leave in response.据报,脸书已研发出有算法,可找到用户贴文和对应的好友评论中的警报信号。After confirmation by Facebooks human review team, the company contacts those thought to be at risk of self-harm to suggest ways they can seek help.经脸书人工审查组证实,脸书会联系被指出有自我损害风险的用户,就他们可以谋求协助的途径得出建议。The tool is being tested only in the US at present. It marks the first use of AI technology to review messages on the network.目前该功能仅有在美国展开测试。

这标志着人工智能技术首次被用来检查网络上的消息。Founder Mark Zuckerberg announced last month that he also hoped to use algorithms to identify posts by terrorists among other concerning content.脸书创始人马克·扎克伯格上个月宣告,他还期望利用算法来辨识由恐怖分子公布的文章等有关内容。



Facebook also announced new ways to tackle suicidal behavior on its Facebook Live broadcast tool and has partnered with several US mental health organizations to let vulnerable users contact them via its Messenger platform.脸书还宣告了在其Facebook Live直播功能中应付自杀行为的新方法;脸书已与美国多个精神身体健康的组织合作,有自杀身亡偏向的用户可通过脸书Messenger平台与这些的组织联系。_pp电子。



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