The fifth-generation cellular network rolling out in America and other countries this year will revolutionize the way our devices connect to the internet and to one another.今年在美国和其他国家铺开的5G网络将完全改革我们的设备相连互联网以及彼此网络的方式。5G is such a technologically important leap forward–without it the future smart cities we dream about where everything is connected simply wouldn’t be possible.5G网络从技术层面上获得了根本性的进步,没这项技术,我们梦想中万物网络的未来智能城市不有可能构建。However, there is one major–and unavoidable–drawback to 5G: It’s going to cost you your location privacy.然而,5G网络有一个不可避免的根本性缺失:那就是你的方位将仍然是隐私。Anyone with access to your ISP’s cell tower data will be able to hone in on your exact location far more precisely than they can today under our 4G networks.任何可以采访你的互联网服务供应商(ISP)手机基站数据的人都可以瞄准你的清楚方位,这比我们目前的4G网络获取的信息更为精确。

The reason for this is that 4G network technology has a wide coverage area when it comes to being broadcast from a single cellular tower.导致这种结果的原因是通过单一基站的传播,4G网络技术的覆盖面积区域很广。Matter of fact, 4G can be broadcast about a mile from a single tower.实质上,通过单一基站,4G网络可以传播的距离大约1英里。5G network technology, on the other hand, has a much smaller coverage area, and it can’t penetrate through walls to get indoors as well as 4G technology can.然而,5G网络技术的覆盖范围要大得多,它无法像4G网络技术那样穿墙入室。

This means 5G networks will require many more cellular towers placed closer together.这意味著5G网络必须更加多距离更加将近的基站。These towers won’t be like the old towers you envision that look like electrified Eiffel Towers, mind you, they’re just small antennas that will need to be dotted around on rooftops and street lights and inside shopping malls and other buildings.这些基站会像你想象中犹如电气化的埃菲尔铁塔那样的老式塔楼,警告你一下,它们只是那些必须移往于屋顶上、路灯上、购物商场里以及其他建筑物上的小天线。Since 5G towers will need to be everywhere and you’ll only connect to one 5G tower at a time, your mobile network will now be able to pinpoint your location much more accurately–even knowing which building you are in.因为5G网络基站必须移往在各处,而且你每次不能相连1个5G基站,所以你的手机网络如今需要更为精确地定位你的方位,甚至告诉你在哪栋建筑物里。。



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